We make GREAT apps

Welcome to ix47

Our Story

A few people out there know how to make a mobile app, but only a very few know how to make one that is professional, communicates with your existing systems and leverages them to give you that extra edge in your industry.
Founded by an ex-Microsoft software engineer, ix47 specialises in creating innovative mobile apps with enterprise architecture!

Our Promise

With more than a decade of experience in delivering enterprise software, we are able to create great quality apps that not only look and feel great, but also leverage your existing systems and help you unleash the power of your product.
Our developers are certified for creating mobile apps as a medical device.

App Features

We have created apps that include the following features:


Where We are

We are situated at:
Regus House,
Fairbourne Drive,
Milton Keynes,
Buckinghamshire, MK10 9RG

Email: hello@ix47.com
Tel : +44 (0)1908 888 382


Our Approach

You can choose the working relationship of our choice with us.

Key Events

In this approach, we only hold meetings with you during problem analysis and specification phase, and then to show you what we have developed. With our experience, 90% of the time, what we develop is accurate.

Embedded Development

In this approach, we work very closely with you, sometimes having one or more of our developers stationed at your offices. We work together with you to make sure everything down to the colour of the text is exactly what you want to see.

Our Projects

Our team has worked on Projects for


Our Proposal

We offer a free consultation

We have helped businesses save thousands of pounds. We might not be able to help you save that much but at least we can help you save a few thousand pounds. Surely that is worth 45 minutes of your time ?

Contact Us

Feel free to ask for anything about us !

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